Thursday, December 10, 2009

13 ways to make your web page faster.

1. Remove trivial text - comment, tab, space, etc.
2. Cache ajax data if it's possible.
3. Set your css, javascript out of the page and include them. So that it would be cached.
4. Script, css optimization.
5. Adjust ETags.
6. Trim meta data of your img files. If you want resize it, send them as resized.
7. Use gzip compression option so that compressed data will be transmitted.
8. Javascript DOM Access is slow. Cache them if it's possible.
9. Set your css on the top so that browser can render your page as it gets data.
10. Browser can't download javascript in parallel way. Put them on the bottom.
11. Don't use css expression, filter.
12. Set cache in response header field.
13. Note that some mobile devices cache only page smaller than 25kb.

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